All Of The Lights

Emma Stone Does Vogue

The beautiful and talented Emma Stone graces the cover of July’s Vogue, and while the blonde starlet looks amazing in the photos (see the third), I can’t also noticed how badly this shoot went. The cover has me so distracted with her over-photoshopped eyes and shocked look in the camera that says “I just shit my pants and ruined this $3000 skirt but I’m too afraid to say anything”. I would have much preferred her in a natural “non-fashion” pose. Think that’s awkward? Check out the second photo. Yes, Vogue, what a great styling team you have. That blazer looks disgusting on her, you made her look like a jester-lesbian. Clearly by the look on her face she is just as unamused. I love Emma Stone, and hate to see magazines take young starlets make them look outlandish and stupid, sure it’s fashion, but this is just uncomfortable.